Meet Simon

Simon is a five-month-old sealpoint little guy that came to us as a stray. In 1983, I had moved back to Danville from living in Utah for four years. I moved into an apartment on West Main Street, and I was ready for a pet of my own. I decided since I worked full-time I… Continue reading Meet Simon

Animal Mothers

Although mothers (the good, honorable, decent ones) should be honored every day for the wonderful service they provide to their children, and thus to society, they are especially celebrated in May on Mother’s Day. I know I am grateful for my mother, and love her. She provided such a strong, sure foundation for my sister… Continue reading Animal Mothers


This little puppy was about five weeks old when he was abandoned at a dumpster. He is a pit/Lab mix. The little puppy featured in this month’s edition of Showcase was found curled up on a blanket at a dumpster site. He was rescued by a citizen, and then brought to the shelter. The day… Continue reading Bruno


This wonderful four-month-old girl is beautiful and very sweet. She was picked up as a stray in Pittsylvania County. The time between Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve is always a time of reflection for me. By the time you read this column, I will have done something that I usually do not do. I… Continue reading Annabelle

Bright Spots of 2013

Paws for a Cause

Can it really be December? This year has been a difficult one, so I am not really sorry that the end is in sight. As difficult as 2013 has been, we have had some very bright spots. We are very grateful for the shelter volunteers who faithfully come to bathe puppies and dogs, socialize kittens,… Continue reading Bright Spots of 2013


By: Paulette Dean, Executive Director, Danville Humane Society Last October, a seven pound, three month-old puppy came to the shelter as a stray.  He had been found wandering on South Main Street.  The shelter manager picked him up, brought him into my office, and all I can say is that love happened.  I resisted adopting… Continue reading Wally


By: Paulette Dean, Executive Director, Danville Humane Society The month of May brings thoughts of Mother’s Day.  The very word “mother” brings to mind safety, warmth, care, and love.  There are bad mothers, to be sure, but the vast majority offer unconditional love.  In fact, all nature values mothers.  There is a reason our planet… Continue reading Mothers

Springtime Lessons

By: Paulette Dean, Executive Director, Danville Humane Society Virginia is such a beautiful state year-round, but it is prettiest to me in the spring and fall.  I love the blossoms, the green trees, the bushes, and the flowers.  Frankly, though, I used to enjoy spring more twenty years ago before I started working full-time for… Continue reading Springtime Lessons

Lions and Lambs

By: Paulette Dean, Executive Director, Danville Humane Society If March comes in like a lion, it goes out like a lamb.  If it comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion.  That’s how the saying goes for people who like to predict weather. All I know is that March may be a… Continue reading Lions and Lambs

A Gift

By: Paulette Dean, Executive Director, Danville Humane Society In February, we think of ways to let people we love know that we love them.  Usually, for men that translates into buying chocolates and roses.  A huge lesson about love and giving comes from a child I never met. Many years ago, a particular elementary school… Continue reading A Gift