Hair Curlers? No Thanks.

He Said Since we started dating 19 years ago, I have no trouble finding things to be thankful about. I’m thankful we are two peas in a pod (most of the time). I’m thankful you moved to Danville just because of me. I’m thankful you don’t complain about life’s little complications because I complain enough… Continue reading Hair Curlers? No Thanks.

Rocking in October

He Said October is always a good month for me but not necessarily great for you. I could be wrong about this, but hear me out. As you know, we both have birthdays in October. For me, it is just another day, I’m one year older, and I consider myself a very lucky man. One,… Continue reading Rocking in October

Teacher of the Year

He Said It is that dreaded time of the year for me — the end of summer. Yes, I am talking about “back to school” time. When our kids graduated, my assumption was that all my spare time getting my kids ready for the new school year would be a thing of the past. I… Continue reading Teacher of the Year

Shared Affections

He Said From time to time we have both accused one another of having a passion for something besides each other. I think you accused me of using facebook as the other person in my life taking time away from you or as you called it “us.” In the past I have said that you… Continue reading Shared Affections

Jasper C. Oldham

My father, Jasper C. Oldham died on April 7th this year. On June 16th, my father would have been 93-years-old. He lived a long and prosperous life. June is also Father’s Day, so I have asked Dena if I could have our space to share with you some lessons learned from my Dad. I hope… Continue reading Jasper C. Oldham

May Resolutions

He Said  May is finally here and the springtime sunshine and warm weather brings me to a point I would like to make that you might appreciate. I hate pollen. It messes up my car, stops up my lungs, and gets tracked in the house. I can’t get away from it. I can’t find one… Continue reading May Resolutions

Public Policy

He Said A couple of people asked me to run for Danville City Council. And someone asked me to run for the Danville School Board.I guess my question to you would be, “Why haven’t you ever suggested that I run for public office?” Since we have been together, I have shared with you all of… Continue reading Public Policy

The Road to Equality

He Said Normally, I am not a sexist person. I believe in equality for both genders. I think you would agree with that. After all, I think you do a great job cutting the grass and raking leaves. I know you enjoy those tasks, so I always encourage it. We have had many discussions about… Continue reading The Road to Equality