2020 Community Strong People of the Year: L.C. and Bernice Moore

The 2020 SHOWCASE MAGAZINE Community Strong People of the Year

Bernice and L.C. Moore have been married for 49 “wonderful” years. They have a son, Daniel, who along with his wife Zoe has given Bernice and L.C. two grandchildren, Ethan and Caitlin.

Bernice enjoys walking with friends daily. She works at Danville Welcome Center and has worked for Parks and Recreation for 26 years. Bernice works with volunteers for a good majority of events in Danville.

L.C. retired from Goodyear after 38 years. He has served on the Board of URW Community Federal Credit Union since 1970. L.C. has been the cross-country coach for Dan River High School since 1989.

Showcase asked Bernice and L.C. about the importance of community involvement.

Showcase Magazine: How do you define community involvement?

Bernice Moore: Being willing to help promote any events that are part of the city. I volunteer and help in many events because I want Danville to be successful. I am on the board of Festival in the Park, on the planning committee for Racin’ & Tastin’, on the board of Bright Leaf Brew Fest. I am secretary of Danville Concert Association, on the planning committee for Blue Grass on the River (a fundraiser for Project Life Saver), I am on the Danville Bowling Association Board, and I help my husband with Danville Running and Fitness Club.

L.C. Moore: By taking part in what goes on and not just complaining about things that are not going the way you like.

SM: What inspires you to get involved in the community?

BM: I am a people person, and I enjoy meeting folks. Meeting people is a great way to find volunteers willing to help in the community. This is their way, and mine, to give back to keep Danville a better place to live.

LM: Originally, running was my inspiration. When I first got into running races, I was always the first one to complain about the slow results, course not marked well, volunteers not doing their job, etc… After about 5 years of this, a group of us decided we would start a running club (Danville Running & Fitness Club). I was elected President, and we put on a race of our own. It was a learning experience. I was on the receiving end of all those complaints. I found out how difficult covering all the details of an event was, recruiting volunteers, and how special good volunteers were. From then on, I volunteered for local races, and when I took part in a race and things didn’t go well, I would just say, “things happen” and enjoy the fellowship after the race. I got involved with events my wife was working with at Parks & Recreation. I used to say I was “voluntold.” That lead to me getting on the Board of Danville Harvest Jubilee, Festival in the Park, Playful City USA advisory committee (Danville was first recognized as Playful City USA in 2007), Runner Friendly Community committee (RRCA designated Danville as a runner friendly community in 2017), Blue Grass by the River, and others.                                                                                                 

SM: How do you balance life, work, and community involvement?

BM: I try to exercise and stay healthy. I love walking on the trails.  I help with events when time permits. I am a Christian, and I pray every day that God will let me always be a good example to the folks I encounter. I go visit my grandkids often. I love getting to spend time with them.

LM: Since I retired and my son moved out and started his own family, I now wonder how I had time to be involved in the community then. Since up until the pandemic, I have always been behind on things I had volunteered for, even though I don’t have a job or as many family commitments that required my time.

SM: What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you? 

BM: Try not to worry about things that you cannot do anything about and stay positive.

LM: Make sure a successful event is in part because of you and not in spite of you.

SM: Who are your real-life heroes and why?

BM: I admire all the nurses and doctors, and let’s not forget the teachers who try so hard to keep us healthy and focused. My husband is a hero because of his ability to run, his love of teaching kids with cross-country. He encourages me in all things I take on to do.

LM: My grandfather (Pa) who served in WWI, my dad who served in WWII and lived with the demons of war after the war was over, and my son Danny who served in Iraq.

SM: What is it about Danville that makes it special to you? 

BM: Danville is special because of the many friends I have made over the years. It is a great place to work, go out to eat, and exercise. I enjoy working in a small town where you get to know people personally. You feel you belong here.

LM: I remember as a kid walking up Main Street shoulder-to-shoulder with so many people shopping, eating in restaurants, getting haircuts, going to the movie theaters, or just hanging out on the corner talking. Then some years back I walked up Main Street, and it was like a ghost town. Now, I walk up Main Street and there are people on the sidewalk and cars on the street. I again feel like that kid who was excited to go to town with my parents on Saturday morning. I had my first job at the Advance Store (presently Vintages by the Dan) on Main, bought my wife’s diamond at Allen’s Jewelry, and stood in a long line at the Capital Theater to see Ben-Hur.

SM: What are you most looking forward to in 2021?

BM: I am looking forward to seeing all my volunteers again if we can start events. My volunteers are like family to me, and I miss them.

LM: I guess it’s the same as everyone else, to get through this pandemic and start enjoying socializing again.

SM: Do you have a favorite quote, and if so, what is it? 

BM: Be real in what you do in life!

LM: “From the moment you become a spectator, everything is downhill. It is a life that ends before the cheering and the shouting die.” – George Sheehan, Running & Being: The Total Experience.

SM: How do you recharge. What do you like to do outside of work and volunteerism?

BM:  I enjoy singing in choir at church, which I can’t do now but hope I can soon. I walk every day that I can. It really is good for health and the stress of everyday life. I love Hallmark movies with all the happy endings.

LM: Short vacations, running, and hanging out with family and friends.

SM: What is your idea of happiness?

BM: Happiness is getting up every day positive that it is going to be a good day. Also, having good health and family. I love and enjoy my family.

LM: Being married to the same woman for 49 years and enjoying it.

SM: What are your favorite things to do in Danville?

BM: Walking in road races, meeting friends at restaurants, exercising with our group on the trails. I love to bowl, so maybe I can do that again soon if someone opens the bowling lanes.

LM: Run on the Riverwalk, meet friends at a restaurant, go to Farmers Market, attend events I’m not volunteering for, and shopping at small businesses downtown. 

SM: What are your visions for the future of Danville?

BM: We will have more jobs and more events for people to enjoy. Hope to draw more young people back to our town so we can keep it growing. People working together as a community and help each other in all events Danville will offer. I hope that 2021 will be a great healing process for all of us.

LM: I have mixed feelings about the future of Danville. I want to see it grow, but I don’t want it to lose that small town charm.