Justice League is The Wizard of Oz redux – SPOILER ALERT

Justice League superheroes star in 2017's The Wizard of Oz.

SPOILER ALERT!! This article connects the dots between Justice League and The Wizard of Oz and reveals important plot points.

Justice League was a really enjoyable movie. But, in retrospect, I am loving the movie more after I realized that the storyline was taken straight from the Wizard of Oz. So, other than the obvious that one member is added at a time as they go on a quest, here are some very clear connections.

Wonder Woman has lost her heart (Stever Trevor) and is seeking a heart. (Tinman)

Flash is afraid of everything, just like the Cowardly Lion and is seeking courage.

Cyborg is a literal version of the Scarecrow, a pieced together man, who is seeking knowledge, aka a brain.

Superman, “the man of steel” is “dead,” frozen, and can’t be revived until someone else applies juice to him, which is exactly how the TinMan, the literal man of steel, was found, frozen, dead, needing someone to apply juice to him to bring him back to life.

Superman can’t wait to go home, to KANSAS, There’s no place like home.

Batman is a tinkerer, just like the Wizard of Oz, who brings the team together. Everyone in the Wizard of Oz must make sacrifices and Batman makes the ultimate attempt at a sacrifice in the final battle plan.

Flying Monkeys, need I say more?

There are other connections that are less literal.

Aquaman has to accept becoming king, just as the characters in the Wizard of Oz have to accept leading Oz after the Wizard leaves. There’s probably another Aquaman connection but in my rush to make sure I was first to connect the overall big picture, I’ll leave that to others to put together.

Alfred is Glenda, connect the dots.

Lois and Martha are Aunty Em, connect those dots.

And there are a ton of visual easter eggs. Let the games begin, in finding them all.