Fall Treks

Any time is a great time to venture through Martinsville-Henry County, VA, but the fall adds a little something extra. Breathe in the fresh air and unwind while you take in the scenery and the fun. From our award-wining trails to our high-octane events, make this season your season to have fun in record time in MHC.

Take a hike. Or a run, or a walk. Or whatever you would like. Martinsville-Henry County is home to the Smith River Trail System which includes a scenic blueway with ten river access points and more than twenty miles of greenway and to the Mountain Laurel Trails Biking Complex, which has been named among the top mountain bike trails in the state of Virginia by SingleTrack.com. MLT received a 4.94 star rating (out of 5). Hikers and runners are also encouraged to come out and hit the trails.


  1. Philpott Lake Fitness Interpretive Trail (1.5 miles)
  2. Collinsville Jaycee Park (1.25 mile)
  3. Jack Dalton Park (0.6 mile)
  4. Rock Ridge Trail at Beaver Creek Reservoir (1.2 miles)
  5. Patrick Henry Community College Trail Loop (0.75 mile)
  6. Fieldale Trail (2.4 miles)
    Textile Heritage Trail (0.3 mile)
  7. Dick & Willie Passage (4.5 miles) – Virginia Ave.
  8. Dick & Willie – Liberty St.
  9. Uptown Connection Trail (0.8 mile)
  10. Dick & Willie – Doyle St. Silverbell Trail (0.25 mile)
  11. J. Frank Wilson Park (1 mile)
  12. Dick & Willie – Fishel St.
  13. Doe Run Park (1.5 miles)
  14. Spencer-Penn Centre (0.5 mile)
  15. Smith River Sports Complex (1.3 miles)
  16. Richard P. Gravely Jr. Nature Preserve (2.5 miles)

Additional Hiking & Biking Options (not shown on map):
Mountain Laurel Trails (Mountain Bike Complex) (Near #14)
Jamison Mill Trail System (Northeast of #1)
Lauren Mountain Preserve (Northwest of #6)

If you are interested in riding the trails with a group, the Henry County Bike Club hosts several weekly bike rides (throughout the year) that you are welcome to join. Weather permitting.

Enjoy the fall foliage. Many people agree that seeing “the colors change” during the fall, is their favorite part of the season. If you have ever driven through Bassett, VA this time of year, then you probably agree that the beauty of the Philpott Lake Overlook is even more dazzling in fall. See for yourself why the view is a local and regional favorite. You can also explore the Philpott Lake Trail System while you are there and challenge yourself along the F.I.T. Trail.