You Need a Life Folder


Making a will is the last thing anyone wants to do, and this is not a pun. Most of us put it off as long as we can, or we decide right away in life that a will is a must-have product that is needed by family, lawyers, or bankers who come after your estate once you have expired. This talk is not about wills. Sorry to disappoint. This talk is about another choice you should consider making, and the best part of this idea is  it needs to be in the same box that has your will.

Your will is not enough.

You need to leave behind a LIFE FOLDER filled with information that is pertinent to your survivors. This will make your loved one’s life so much easier when you are gone.

Here are the items you need in your LIFE FOLDER:

• Banking, credit card, and investment account names, numbers, and contact info.

• Insurance policy info and account numbers

• List of all properties and large assets along with loan info.

• Current bills you pay, with account names and numbers.

• Computer account user names and passwords

• Safe deposit access info

• Partnership or corporate agreements

• Health care forms, such as Health, PoA, DNR, and organ donation info.

• Burial Instructions

• Specific bequests or personal items.

These suggestions may sound morbid to you and not very exciting. Having someone die in your life is bad enough on the emotions of loved ones. Making them hunt and peck through all your papers is just not fair and does not have to be left to chance that something did not get taken care of because you were not thinking of others while you were alive. Sit down, make the list, make sure everything is in order after you are gone. Lastly, as you are doing this list, make sure you write a note or even a letter to your loved ones telling them what they meant to you and thanking them for being part of your life. This letter of love will be the best gift you could leave them when you die.

Trust Me.