I’ll Play Wherever They’ll Have Me

Music has always been close to Ernest Galindo who performs as Seeking Ever. Galindo grew up in Southern California and has played in bands ever since middle school. “I played whatever instrument they would let me play. I also wrote for most of them,” Galindo says. He attributes his father being a songwriter to his aspiration to write songs. He continues, “After various endeavors surrounding the music industry, I decided what I wanted most was to play. Now, I’ll play whatever I can get my hands on, and wherever anyone will have me.”

Practice, practice, and more practice is the approach Galindo takes when it comes to tackling a new instrument or song. “I just keep playing something until I think it sounds good to me. It’s a lot of long hours of repetition. Usually, the initial idea is nowhere close to what it becomes at the end,” he says.

Life, events that happen to him or around the world, empathy and sympathy for others are a few of the things that become building blocks for Galindo’s songs. He adds, “Sometimes one moment can inspire a million songs, and sometimes songs are made up of a million moments. It just depends on how everything pans out.”