Spotlight on Millworks Bakery

It’s estimated that nearly 18 million Americans have some form of gluten sensitivity. Mother and daughter, Andrea Eggleston and Amanda Earp, are a part of that group. Exhausted from the challenge of finding delicious gluten-free foods in our area, the pair decided to do something about it. “Instead of making a trek out of town, we wanted to provide goods for the Danville community locally that are creative, delicious, and gluten-free and ensure all natural needs are being met,” Earp says. With that specific goal in mind, Eggleston and Earp created Millworks Bakery.

“Millworks is a gluten-free artisan bakery offering small-batch baked and cold goods. Our products are natural, organic, and local (when available) and made in a dedicated gluten-free environment. No artificial flavors or colors are ever used,” Earp says. The duo develops the recipes and does the baking. Chris Griffith helps with sales.

The minds behind Millworks Bakery, all Danville natives, are motivated by people who choose to be in Danville and are trying to make Southside a better place to live. “It is truly inspiring to see a community wanting to become more diverse like so many other communities of its size,” Earp says. She adds that positive feedback about the goods Millworks offers is a huge inspiration.

The primary goal for Millworks is to continue to offer gluten-free and all-natural tasty alternatives as well as to expand into a variety of locations and events, from restaurants to birthday parties. Earp adds, “We hope this gives the community, those with gluten allergies and those without, easier access to gluten-free and natural selections without worry. We would like the community to see that gluten-free doesn’t mean taste free.”

Earp offers some advice for those looking to start their own business. “This may seem self-evident, but choose something you truly love. The passion will help you persevere through the hard work and dedication required to create your business.”

Millworks Bakery partners with Midtown Market and Eggleston Chiropractic to offer limited items from its menu. All menu items found at are available for preorder with 48 hours’ notice.