How to Stream the Mayweather – Pacquiao Fight for FREE

Mayweather – Pacquiao – It might be an awesome fight but will it be worth $100 to pay for the pay-per-view?

HBO and Showtime have sued some of the sites promoting that they will have the fight for free. So, what? There are many sites illegally streaming it that aren’t promoting it. Plus, there are many countries where you can watch it for free including Mexico, Colombia, China, Dubai, France, Thailand, and South Africa. With a Virtual Private Network and some creative googling, you can watch the fight for free on one of these  sites:

Colombia – free on RCN
China – free on CCTV5
Dubai – free on DU
France – free on MCS
Mexico – free on Televisa and Azteca
Philippines – free with a slight delay or P2,500 (£35.50) live
South Africa – free on SuperSport
Thailand – free on Channel7

You must first be logged into the Internet through a VPN with a server in the specific country you are trying to use to stream the fight. A VPN allows you to use the Internet as if you are in one of those countries so you will be able to stream the fight as if you lived in that country. If you don’t have a VPN currently, you will have to sign up for one. They range in price from FREE to whatever you want to pay. Here’s a link to help you choose a VPN:

You could stream the fight illegally by going to a site like and clicking through the site to find the stream of the fight. That would, of course, be technically illegal and we don’t encourage piracy. But, we also don’t encourage robbery and that’s what a fight coming 5 years late and costing $100 on pay-per-view is. So, if you want to watch the fight, pick your felony. If you go to one of these streaming sites just to look around, remember one important fact: DO NOT CLICK on any kind of message saying you need to upgrade your flash player, movie player, driver, or anything like that. If you get a pop-up on a video, look for the hidden X to close out the pseudo-warning. DON’T INSTALL ANYTHING WHATSOEVER.

Our Prediction: Mayweather will win.


UPDATE: There is so much demand for streaming that most of the streaming sites have simply maxed out their sites. It’s too late to stream the site now if you weren’t already streaming it before the fight. PPV carriers had quite a bit of trouble as well and delayed the fight by 45 minutes.