Summer Break Fitness

Summer Break is here for most kids, teachers, and parents. This means more pools, programs, and healthy activities are available to everyone. If you have kids then you should be encouraging healthy activities and programs. Even if you do not have kids, you should look into healthy summer activities for yourself, family, and friends. Take advantage of the beautiful weather and our beautiful Southside Virginia with all it has to offer.

Here is a quick list of fun and healthy activities you can do in our great Southside, VA:

-Canoe or kayak the Dan River or local ponds or lakes
-Play frisbee golf in Ballou Park
-Take the kids to playgrounds in the many parks we have
-Walk or run at the local high school tracks
-Swim at the YMCA or local community pools (public and/or private)
-Play outdoor sports such as basketball and tennis
-Grill out and picnic
-For rainy days we have wonderful recreation centers
-Take your dogs to the dog park
-Find dance or aerobic programs for adults and kids
-Hit the mountain bike trails at Anglers Park
-Don’t forget the skateboard park and zipline adventures(Visit for more info)

-Many local schools and churches offer summer programs and vacation Bible schools

-There are plenty of soccer and other sports camps being offered
-Parents simply go out in your yard and throw ball with your child or push them on a swing

We need to stay active all year round not just during summer. Parents take time for your kids and just “be together,” even if it’s holding hands walking in your neighborhood or shooting basketball in the driveway. Take the time to get your significant other out and go for a hike or bike ride or just walk on the River Walk, holding hands too.

Communicate and spend quality, healthy time together starting now. Do not waste time being lazy, eating junk, and cheating yourself of valuable sleep. Do not let yourselves get too stressed out and let a busy life consume you. Get healthy, get active, eat healthier, sleep better, lose body fat, eliminate stress, and be a happier person.

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