Stay Consistent in Faith and Fitness

It did not take much to make me feel secure as a little girl. At the first sign of lightning during a summer storm I would run to get my little red flip flops. I thought that if I was wearing my rubber flip flops that I would be “grounded.” I could sit outside on the porch and watch the storm with no worries of lightning striking near me.

Life is now a little more complicated than summer storms and flip flops. When storms now interrupt my life in the form of single parenting challenges, unexpected financial obligations, or relationship obstacles, it takes a little more than a pair of flip flops to maintain my feeling of being secure and grounded, (although I still enjoy wearing a pair of red rainbows).

As an adult, weight training, proper nutrition, and a strong faith are choices that have been consistent when everything else around me has changed. Those three things help keep me focused and healthy. Incorporate into your routine a few fundamentals that you can count on no matter what comes your way each day. Start your day by eating breakfast, exercise for at least 30 minutes, be thankful, and invite God into your day, have a night (or meal) that everyone knows is family time, and tell your kids and family you love them. Stay on track and secure a healthy mind, body, and spirit for yourself. Get back to basics and get grounded.

Ephesians 3:17 “Be rooted and grounded in love.”

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