Eye Spy

The NSA is tracking our every move. Google knows every detail about our life. Amazon knows our reading habits and Netflix knows our television watching habits. Apple can predict how well an album, movie, book, or app will sell before it’s launched by simply querying their database of customer buying habits. The banks know everything we spend money on and are quick to notify us when anything we purchase outside of our normal routine threatens their money. (They like to call it our money, though.) If you believe the data collectors, all of this data collection is done for our own benefit – to give us a better experience or to protect us from unknown threats.

In a fast moving world where every moment of a person’s day is on display for someone, it’s good to know that there are still a few places where private moments can remain private. Danville Regional’s new birthing couplet care model allows new parents to spend intimate time with their new baby in the new moments after birth. That may sound like a leap from the previous paragraph, but, in truth, those moments after a baby is born are some of the last vestiges where privacy is king.

That moment of birth changes everything. In the Health Talk Section, you’ll find where thirty-nine of our readers have shared the things that changed for them after having a child. You’ll read one family’s story of how Danville Regional’s new couplet care model made the birth of their new baby more of a family event. Spring’s Health Talk has a wealth of knowledge from prenatal care to newborn care.

In this issue we also give readers access to Kare Pharmacy, a mainstay in Danville for over thirty years. Kare Pharmacy is known for being a leading source in the area for compounding medications, or “made from scratch” medications.

We also travel to Henry County as Jennifer Doss takes readers on a three-day escape to some of the wonderful treasures embedded in the County.

I’ll leave you with one last thing in regards to privacy — George Orwell’s 1984 was written as a work of fiction. It was not meant to be read as an instructional manual.


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