Spring…a Health & Fitness Renaissance!

From Fitness Professional Dave Gluhareff of Train With Dave

Spring is about to blossom right around the corner. Aside from getting in great abdominal workouts from sneezing due to the pollen here, spring affords the opportunity to get back
outdoors more and get healthier.

Spring in Southside Virginia is absolutely gorgeous and wakes up a sleeping cold giant. In a way it’s a Renaissance period of the year, a rebirth for nature. We should all look at this as a Renaissance in terms of our own health and wellbeing. Many of us have struggled through the winter months and holiday meals and parties, so we have gotten a bit off track. Now is the time to take advantage of this awakening of Mother Nature, get back outside, and get back into your gym or personal training facility to get your buns in gear!

Neglecting fitness is fairly common during winter in this area, even though it doesn’t get too cold compared to other regions in the USA. Many times the colder weather becomes a crutch. People talk themselves into wimping out and skipping exercise, workouts, and regular healthy activities. Poor excuses and enabling thoughts become bad habits, and then before you know it many gain body fat and are starting their fitness from ground zero. Don’t be that person. Stop making excuses. Be a problem solver and find other ways to stay healthy no matter the climate. Temperature cannot dictate our health. Please always remember we have the power to make wise and healthy nutrition decisions even when we have to miss a workout. With that said… we should never get too far behind or too off track. Make healthy goals, stick to them, and be a fitness problem solver! We have to be healthy troubleshooters not excuse makers.

It’s not about why we can’t…but why we “can”!

How do you see yourself? What is shaping or limiting this idea?

From Fitness Professional Suzanne Stowe of Train With Suzanne:

When my daughter, Marlena, was three-years old, she went through a phase where she
wanted to wear a costume every day. Her favorite was a blue, poofy, Cinderella gown. Wearing it to pick up her older brother from preschool seemed acceptable, but she turned a few heads when we walked into the Danville Public Library and local mall. I was not concerned with what people thought in that situation, I was more interested in nurturing her imagination and confidence in herself and her ideas.

I have heard people say they do not like to go to a gym or take part in a group exercise class because they are not comfortable with their body image. They want to lose weight before joining others who are trying to get into shape. I encourage you to not wait until you are someone else’s idea of what you should look like. Embrace your size and shape and your ideas, and begin where you are, whatever it is that you want to do. I stepped out of my comfort zone recently by taking swim lessons and I took my kids to a Salsa dance class.

How do you see yourself and what is limiting that idea? As the temperatures get warmer this spring, get out of the house, and out of your comfort zone. Take a class, sign up for a 5K, ride a bike, hike the trails, give yourself permission to nurture your ideas and confidence in yourself.

“In a world where you can be anything, be yourself.”–Etta Turner-

“People look at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart”. (1 Samuel 16:7)