Treat Your Customer Like a King

The way you manage your business will often determine how you are treated in return. As time moves on, advertising methods appear stale or routinely common in the eyes of your prospects. A king notably respects his potential and motivates the same in others. By acting confident in your marketing powers, it accelerates your sales performance.

A new business owner typically starts out setting up new endorsements and promotions in great demand. This type of approach usually carries over into the marketing plan as the company grows older. In order to break through the boundaries, which hold most businesses back, you must force yourself to go the opposite direction. This does not mean to ignore your failures, but give your target market a better solution.

The solution can be solved in any form of advertising you are currently using. However, your market must be made up of people who need and want your product or service. Utilize all

your resources to find and be found by your potential customers. Make a list of all the places they can be found, and all the ways they can find you. Work each list one at a time and as budget allows. Track, test, and record all results. Build on your successes and learn from failures.

Current Sales and Marketing Problem List

No plan or strategy 38.0%

No experience 12.9%

New business 9.4%

Increase customer base 8.4%

Small budget 7.9%

Do not generate leads 8.8%

Do not convert 6.7%

Low price competition 4.5%

Percentage and variable-based success show average rate of the product or service itself is as a marketing resource. Having something unique provides motivation behind advertising. While the ideas mentioned apply here, another option is to change or modify the product or service.

Additional attention may be given to a product if it has changed color, size, or style, while a service may draw similar attention by modifying the services provided. Remember, sales and promotional opportunities are generated by product differentiation.

Marketing Goals

Get more clients 20.4%

Increase profits 16.5%

More sales 18.7%

New leads 12.3%

Name awareness 7.8%

Retain clients 5.8%

Increase market share 4.6%

Close more sales 3.2

Once you have located your market by segments and predefined goals are in place, keep in mind you now have a few tricks up your sleeve. It is really no trick at all, but a form of confidence and knowledge. Your prospective customer is the one whom must understand or make a decision to contact you, or do business with you. The trick is simple: Be seen by, read by or heard by enough people with a clear presentation and understand and care about the prospects you are calling upon.

A common strategy for restructuring is to understand that your hottest prospect is someone that has just bought from you. This is your best opportunity for another immediate sell. The key to successfully doing this is having products or services that offer solutions to problems that your prospects have. Related problems and solutions to those problems mean increased opportunity for sales.

How simple it would be for the cashiers at the local discount store to suggest another product that may help solve the customer’s problem. All they have to do is notice how the products that the customer is currently buying are related, and be knowledgeable enough about what the store has to offer to be able to suggest another product that could help solve the customer’s problem.

The buyer that just bought from you offers a prime opportunity to sell again. Your products must be good; however, you must prove to him/her that your back-end product will also help solve their problem. Furthermore, I am talking about knowing your prospects’ wants and desires. Your job is not over once you have sold them your first product. You and your employees should constantly be striving to find out what problems your prospects have and then proposing the appropriate solutions to those problems.

If you are focusing on what your customer wants and are offering them a solution to a related problem, they will not be resistant to you as you try to up-sell them. They will be grateful for your desire to help solve their problems. Please remember, your customers are never hotter than when they first buy. Immediately acknowledge their first purchase and tell them how appreciative you are. Then, offer them something else so they will have the opportunity to solve more of their problems and hopefully spend more money with you.

You should look for logical product or service extensions to offer your customers. Using the back-end will turn one-shot sales into repeat customers. Ironically, most businesses rarely try to sell their current or previous customers anything again. You should do it constantly. You must be fanatical about servicing your customers and having a positive impact on your prospects. You must focus on their needs consistently. Think of how you want to be treated when you do business with someone.