There’s a Month For That

The month of February is best known for Valentine’s Day and the celebration of African-American History. But while I was doing a little research, I discovered a lengthy list of things recognized in February.

There are at least eight monthly observances related to food in February. Of course it’s Chocolate Lover’s Month, but it’s also National Snack Food Month and, probably my favorite, Great American Pie Month. To balance things out it’s also National Grapefruit and National Cherry Month. And just for the carb haters, it’s Potato Lovers Month.

There are at least four observances related to animals — Cat Health Month, Bird Feeding Month, Adopt a Rescued Rabbit Month, and Responsible Pet Owners Month.

With regards to health, February is American Heart Health Month and Sinus Pain Awareness Month. If you’ve ever had a sinus headache you’re pretty much aware of that pain in any given month.

The point of this, with the exception of a few novelty ones, like National Snack Food Month, is these subjects shouldn’t be relegated to aware status — one month. Pet owners should be responsible twelve months of every year. A healthy heart should be on everyone’s mind daily. It’s great when awareness for a subject is recognized, but so many times once it’s no longer in the headlines people have a tendency to push it to the back of their minds. Awareness is defined as having knowledge. To quote Public Enemy’s Chuck D, “Knowledge is power.” Once you have the power you can be a part of the change. You can pass on the fries, knowing your heart will thank you. You can adopt a rabbit in September. They’ll love you just as much as if it were February.

February is also Creative Romance Month and National Weddings Month. Two subjects covered in this month’s features. Our cover feature follows the story of a love that began in Germany in 1959 and is still going strong today. We also have a comprehensive look at planning a wedding. With the Fourth Annual Showcase Magazine Bridal and Wedding Expo just around the corner, this is an excellent primer for the event. We ask planners, cake decorators, financial advisors, and jewelers the questions you need answered to prepare for the big day.

Knowledge is power.

Enjoy February.