Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor when Trying to Conceive

10 Questions to Ask When Trying to Conceive

1.  How long should I be off birth control before trying to conceive?

2.  How do I know I’m ovulating?

3.  Am I really ready to have a baby?

4.  Are there ways to increase fertility?

5.  How will my current over-the-counter or prescription drugs affect my efforts at getting pregnant?

6.  Are there any lifestyle changes I need to make in order to get my body ready for being pregnant?

7.  What are the vitamins or supplements I should start taking?

8.  Is my family’s health background important?

9.  Are there any vaccinations I need to consider?

10.  How will my emotional health affect my ability to conceive?

An ovulation calculator can help you find the days when you are most likely to get pregnant. You simply enter the date of your last period and your normal menstruation cycle in number of days and it quickly charts out a calendar for you.


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