Great Service-Same Whining

He Said

Last month we had the pleasure of attending a friend’s wedding in
Atlanta. I really enjoyed the time off because it gave me a chance to shop and be with my best friend in the whole world …you.

Everything was beautiful, the wedding was exquisite, being with our friends and sharing good times is what life is all about. You, of course, know all of this so I don’t have to explain it to you.

There is one little thing that happened that you have not commented about….yet.

Did you notice that Friday night when we went out for dinner, I did not register one single complaint in the restaurant? Most of the time after we leave a restaurant I’m lectured on what I said or did that was wrong. But Friday night was an exception. Not one complaint from me. You are dying to know why, aren’t you? I thought so.

The reason you didn’t hear any complaints was because these people know how to treat their patrons. Since I traveled many years on a company expense account I had grown accustom to receiving good service while enjoying great meals. When we go to a regularly priced restaurant or even a higher priced restaurant in some cities, they just don’t seem to know the customer service that I have grown to enjoy. I like it when the waiter brushes up the crumbs from the table after the main course with his little comb so that dessert will be served on a clean table. I especially like to have the waiter keep my water or tea glass filled throughout the meal instead of having to call him and ask for a refill.

I know it was pricey, but it was a fabulous meal with great customer service and that is just what I have missed.

She Said

Your tunnel vision is becoming somewhat annoying. I was with you in that restaurant and yet our recollections are diametrically opposed. I remember and heard every little thing that went wrong that night, and you have put it completely out of your head.

First of all just let me say it was one of the most delectable meals that we have had in a long time. I’ll give you that. I know it was expensive and the waiter (Frank) did give us great service like initially coming to the table and calling you Mr. Oldham. I guess the maître d’ informed him. That was indeed thoughtful. Keeping the glasses filled also was very nice. Offering to explain the meals is typical of most restaurants, so that was ok. But as soon as he left the table and while other people around us were being served, you started in. You do it at every restaurant. “We were here way before they came in, why do they get their food before we do? What is taking so long with our food, I could have gone out in the woods, killed it myself, skinned it and cooked it by now!”

Then, when boredom sets in, I start hearing your take on everyone in the restaurant. “I bet that couple beside us is having an affair.” Right after you said that Friday night I heard our waiter congratulate them on their 20th anniversary. I started to say something to you about it, but I figured it would break up your fantasy, so why bother?

The most astonishing request you made was having Frank go through all of the garbage to find empty Coca Cola  bottles that you collect and sneak them over to our table in a brown paper bag. REALLY!?

I will say that being with you and going out to eat, most always presents a challenge, but I can also say you are never without a word, be it right or wrong. It just sometimes gives me indigestion, which up until now I have hesitated to tell you. But I thought it best to get it off my chest while you are thinking everything was top notch in Atlanta.

To me, it was better food, but the same old whining I get in every restaurant.