The Economy is Killing Me

How to Handle Unemployment

Losing your job can trigger depression. Many times, the feelings of loss, helplessness, and hopelessness can be overwhelming. And then the bills start to pile up. The debt collectors start to call. Your spouse or significant other, or your parents, even your kids, start to harass you about a job. Perhaps the skills you’ve perfected over your working career are no longer in demand or you made a mistake that makes it even harder to find a job. Maybe an injury has changed you. You start to feel guilt for not providing and you’ve stopped helping out with your kids which gives you more guilt. The cycle pushes you farther and farther down the rabbit hole.

This scenario could happen to any of us. It’s best to nip it in the bud. You’ve lost your job, now what?

There are two types of people. Ones who can quickly and easily find another job and ones, who for whatever reason, have trouble finding another job. Let’s focus on the ones who have a problem finding a job.

Here are some tips to finding a new job.

• Realize that finding a job is your current full-time job. You are your own boss and you must give 110 percent. While unemployment benefits may be there to help you, you should start seeking employment immediately.

• Realize that people with jobs are more desirous to employers than those without, which means, a job is better than no job.

• Networking is one of the best ways to find a job. Ask your friends and family for leads. Many jobs have been found using Facebook.

• Focus on your church or join a church. Having supporting people around you can help keep you positive.

• Join a service organization such a Rotary. Not only is the spirit of giving back present, so are many, many potential employers.

• Volunteer. Not only does helping others help build your own self-esteem, it is one of the greatest networking programs available. Most volunteers at any non-profit organization are either employed or retired with ties to some company. If you are the hardest working volunteer, people notice. Seriously…People notice.

• If your skill set isn’t in demand anymore, update or upgrade your skill set either at college or in one of the programs out there that retrain people

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