Physical Therapy in the 21st Century

Taking It One Step at a Time

Physical Therapy or “rehab” as it’s often called is the process of relearning and reactivating a part of your body that has suffered a traumatic experience. The need for physical therapy and rehabilitation can stem from something as simple as a pinched nerve to as extensive as a joint replacement or spinal surgery. It covers a wide range of issues and is generally the way to help your body get back to full mobility. Although physical therapy and rehab cover a wide range of services, the most common reasons for rehab are joint and spinal ailments.

Physical Therapy is like working with a fitness trainer. You need a bond that creates the necessary motivation. Scott Oaks, Director of Danville Regional Sports Medicine and Rehab (formerly Southside Spine and Rehab), is that kind of motivator. “My goal is to make sure the person I’m working with gets results and becomes the force behind the momentum.  I explain to people what we are looking for is to see how their body reacts to whatever techniques we do. Whether it be through exercises or range of motion movements.”

Rehab is a natural way to treat pain. It’s one of the first steps before having to consider surgery because it can strengthen the muscles around your joints which may eliminate pain. Sometimes, simple things like sitting at a desk for 10-12 hours a day will create pain. Scott says, “The human body was designed for movement. We need to get up and move around. Small things like taking breaks from work and stretching can make a huge difference in someone’s body. We treat a lot of patients with back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain, who are looking for a solution. We also treat neurological problems like strokes and multiple sclerosis.”

Scott has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy and has Direct Access Certification which means a patient can visit him directly for rehabilitation needs. In fact, the entire team at Danville Regional Sports Medicine and Rehab are experts at creating personalized programs tailored to each patient. They offer other forms of therapy from Occupational Therapy to Speech Therapy. The team believes in a results oriented approach.

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