High Impact Versus Low Impact Workouts

High impact workouts like P90X and running interest men of all ages.
Are they for everyone?

High impact, high intensity exercise programs have become popular because they have been very effective in improving high velocity strength. One of the concerns is that as people get older they are more injury prone. They often don’t have as much flexibility or may have arthritis. So these programs must be tailored to each person. If overuse injuries develop these programs may need to be modified. A good trainer is helpful in developing a program customized for your age and level of fitness. It’s important to recognize problems early and avoid serious injuries.

Are low impact workouts just as effective?

In general, lower impact exercises still promote overall fitness, increase flexibility, and are aerobic. As we get older, we lose muscle mass, so strength training helps reverse or slow that process. Also aerobic exercises are good for cardiac health. As we age, low impact workouts are often better tolerated. Still, we should include strength training as part of a balanced and individualized exercise program.

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