Get Healthy Now! Life is Too Short! No Time for Excuses!

For some unknown reason many of us constantly procrastinate. At times I am guilty of this too. We tend to put things off till tomorrow what we should be doing today. Maybe it’s laziness, lack of motivation, fatigue, loss of inspiration, or maybe even hereditary. Well for whatever reason, many of us have, do, and will procrastinate about things in life. After procrastination, we succumb to pressure and usually get stressed trying to catch up on all the things we have put off. Enough is enough! We have to break the procrastination cycle, especially when it comes to our health and well-being.

Our health is too important, and as I have said before “Our Lives Hinge on Our Health!” Everything we do depends on whether our health is good or not. If we are tired, fatigued, obese, diabetic, or have many of these preventable health problems, we will not be productive people. We will not be at our best as an employee, as a business owner, as a family member, as a friend, or as a servant of God. We were given a body which helps us reach out and touch people’s lives through family, friends, and our work. We have a responsibility to take care of our body which helps us to become more productive in society. If you are an obese, diabetic, tired missionary for your church weighing 400 pounds, you are limited to how you can reach out to people. If you are the CEO of a company with so much body fat that you have sleep apnea and have to use a machine to regulate your breathing while you sleep , then you are shorting yourself, your employees, your family, and friends of a better more productive YOU! If you are an employee who eats junk all day, gets no exercise, and has blood pressure, sugar, obesity, and cholesterol problems, which lead to missed work, then you are cheating yourself and your company.

Life is too short! There really is no more time for excuses. I get calls, emails, and messages all week from prospective clients. I hear the same old crappy excuses which do nothing but hurt these people and enable them to keep on killing themselves with their own bad habits. Listen; there is no good excuse for being hugely obese. There is no good excuse for eating high-sugar junk all day with little activity or exercise and becoming diabetic. There is no good excuse for becoming a world riddled with preventable diseases and an overall huge health mess. The days of excuses and procrastination about getting healthy need to exit your mind. We need to stand up to obesity, stand up to high blood pressure, stand up to high cholesterol, stand up to acid reflux, stand up to osteoporosis, stand up to diabetes, stand up to sleep apnea and STAND UP for our own health and well-being