Breakfast Cereal – Reason #14 Why I Love America

Breakfast Cereal Montage

Breakfast Cereal is a home grown American goodie. And much of it can be attributed to American’s need for cleaning out their bowels. Cereal originated as a natural treatment for constipation. The early cereal wars were to their time what the fast food wars are to present day. Over time, cereal has adapted into more of a “cleaning out your bowls” than “cleaning out your bowels” but whose really keeping track.

If it weren’t for Fruity Pebbles, Fruit Loops, and Frosted Flakes, and maybe a few dozen other brands, millions of American children would starve to death mild discomfort, waiting on their parents to make a pancake here or there.

Where else can 12 Essential Vitamins and Minerals taste so good? In fact, there are many studies showing that cereal is good for you. Now, there are natural grain cereals, health food cereals, hot-cold-warm cereals – even cereals that come in the form of breakfast bars. Whether it’s actual good for you or not becomes irrelevant when it is as addictive as crack – coffee – diet sodas – love. Yeah, cereal = love.

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