New Year, New You, New Weight Loss Goals, New Focus!

This is 2012; our New Year and we have the Choice to make this year our best ever in regards to our fitness levels and planning! I’ve learned over the years that life is full of choices, directions, and paths. We choose which path we take, we choose which direction to go in, it’s our choice…and our choices lead us to where we want to be! Starting now I want us to set our goals of where we want to be and how we want to feel, look, and move. Once we know our goals we can then strive for them, NO achieve them, with the choices we make along the way.

Healthy Goals We Can Achieve:

– Lose inches of unwanted body fat
– Have more energy
– Lower blood pressure and cholesterol
– Get rid of Type 2 diabetes and/or live better with Type 1 diabetes
– Strengthen our bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons, etc.
– Sleep better
– Have a structured fitness plan which only takes 3-5 hours per week
– Fight back at arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, etc.
– Get rid of heart burn and acid reflux
– Lower stress

New Year’s Weight Loss Resolutions Plan!
You Can Do This: Knowledge, Accountability, Persistence, Consistence, and Taking Action Now!

Okay it’s that time of year again when we all want to make some New Year’s resolutions! Everyone thinks my Fitness Businesses (Train With Dave Personal Training & Writing and Virginia Bootcamps and South Boston Fitness) thrive and get booked with eager people and their New Year’s resolutions…..well that’s not true. Most of us tell ourselves we are gonna lose some weight or a lot of weight. Well almost always we try and fail to lose the weight and about a week or two into it we become frustrated and give-up! About two weeks into the new year is when I get really super busy because I get the dropouts of people who have attempted to lose weight on their own through some fad diet without a real PLAN.

As a Personal Trainer (One-On-One, Small Group, and Virginia Bootcamps) for nearly 15 years now, I get my clients find structure and help them to follow a plan, a routine, which fits their lifestyle and enables them to achieve success in re-shaping and toning their bodies! Without a blueprint or plan and someone to help you carry this out, we will almost always fail.

A lot of my work as a Fitness Professional and Trainer is to set up and gear a plan for my clients to hold them accountable by having them show-up to meet with me once, twice, three, or four times per week. Each program will vary slightly to suit the needs and wants of each person and to work around any pre-existing problems or issues.

Okay so next I am going to tell you what to do. I am going to give you your very own Fitness Blueprint which contains the structure and routine you need to adhere to, and the knowledge you need to make yourself get into great shape! Then you will need to be persistent and consistent to simply carry this out after you take action and implement this into your life!

It’s up to you to make this happen. You have a choice as to whether or not you want to succeed or fail. If you truly want to be successful then you need to hold yourself accountable, or get me to hold you accountable, a friend or family member to hold you accountable, but you have to be held accountable to make this work and be consistent.

If you are persistent and consistent you will surely succeed and get into great shape this New Year! You will Feel, Look, and Move Better immediately! Your quality of life will positively change for the better and in turn you will be able to positively influence others around you to take part in a healthy lifestyle.
You now have the knowledge so just take action and do it!

Never Give Up!