Television News Crawls – Reason #12 Why I Love America

Isn’t it grand that in our fast past lives we don’t even have to wait for the newsperson to get around to the basics when we can read about it as it floats across the bottom of the screen? It’s great that in the middle of an important debate about the future our country, we can still read that Katie Perry’s new song debuted at number 1 without having to take our eyes off the screen.

And on the topic of television scrolls I really appreciate that every channel puts their logo in the corner of the screen to make sure that we don’t get too immersed in the show we are watching and lose track of what channel we’re watching it on.

All the graphics on the screen are there to help us appreciate all of the entertainment we’re being bombarded with. There are hundreds of television channels, thousands if not millions of online video sources, and a never-ending stream of devices that can collect all that data into one place that we can then cast all of the internet to all of our devices.


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