Television Evangelists – Reason #10 Why I Love America

Benny Hinn - Putting the $ in God$ Word

TV Evangelists are the fast food drive thru of religion. It’s entertainment, fund raising, spirituality, and education all wrapped into a convenient package you can watch in your boxer shorts on your couch. Why worry with all those one-on-one relationships when you can be a hermit and still revel in the glory of the Lord?

TV Evangelists are the Americanized version of traveling missionaries. Why travel and miss out on your own life when you can send your message through the airwaves to anyone with a television (or even a radio for that matter).

I watched a documentary on evangelists once and Benny Hinn stated that he didn’t know for sure whether his “healing” power came from God or from Satan but that he hoped it came from God. You never know when a moment of true honesty like that will come through.

The events are like rock shows, mesmerizing people with flashing lights and repetitive singing. There’s no better way to get your message across than to someone who is quite literally hypnotized into a state of clay ready to be molded.

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