Big Budget Hollywood Movies – Reason #5 Why I Love America

It is the season of Big Budget Movies. Actually, every season is the season of Big Budget Movies. Here are some of the requirements for a great Big Budget Movie:

–         Gratuitous CGI

–         Explosions

–         Big Name Actors

–         Pseudo sex but not enough to go over the PG13 rating

–         A relevant recognizable pop culture connection

–         A proper color palette. The movie has to look big budget.

The more money they spend making a movie, the more I want to see it. At one point, The Adventures of Baron Munchausen was the most expensive movie ever made. And it flopped. But, I saw it at the theater and loved it! Titanic, Star Wars Episode Whatever, Jurassic Park, The Dark Knight, The Hunger Games, even Speed Racer. Saw them all. This year’s crop is just as good as ever.

But when it comes to just about every foreign film, I’d even take Nightmare on Elm Street over any French Film. And it’s not the movies themselves. You can tell they’re probably quite good, but they don’t splurge where they should splurge. The gratuitous crane shot. The pointless and irrelevant nudity. Everything that you need in an over-the-top Hollywood movie is usually missing in the imported movies.

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