Redneck Jokes – Reason #4 Why I Love America

Bearded Redneck in front of weathered American flag.

Redneck Jokes are the last vestige of Freedom of Speech. They are the politically correct way to make fun of a group of people based on their culture. People’s skins have gotten so thin that everyone takes offense to everything. Except rednecks.

Rednecks are in on the joke and don’t rightfully care what you say ‘bout ‘em. No matter what is said about rednecks, they remain the worldwide standard for tolerance, at least of being insulting. The only way you can insult a redneck is to say that he or she ain’t redneck enough. If any person of any race, color, or creed stands in front of a group of rednecks and names off every racially degrading, endlessly insulting list of redneck stereotypes, those very rednecks will break out the coolers and beer and call it a free “show.” On the flip side, the same people who are making those jokes will buck up if anyone makes any kind of snide remark towards them.

In my hometown, everyone has a little redneck in them no matter what their racial background is, including those of us, like me, who pretend to be a little more cultured. Everyone doesn’t always get along but break out a case of beer and we’re all brothers from another mother.

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