Wet Wipes – Reason #3 Why I Love America

Adorable Baby Pulling Out a Wet Wipe

Convenient Cleanliness. I’m specifically referring to the wet wipes for the toilet, although the ones for the kitchen, your eyeglasses, and baby bottoms are also in the same family of Reasons I Love America.

I’m a stickler for personal hygiene. I have the nose of hound dog. The thought of visiting the emergency room wearing dirty underwear is a personal nightmare. Fortunately, along came wet wipes. Now you can shock your butt into submission with a freezing dose of cleanliness.

I remember hearing about the good old days of communism where paper toilet paper was hard to come by. Here in America, toilet paper is passé. If you aren’t using wet wipes, you may be here illegally and we’re going to need to check your papers. There is the flip side and that is these wet wipes are really clogging up the sanitization systems throughout America. Even the “flushable” ones don’t break down and cause major headaches. So, in a future post I am going to outline alternatives that are just as good. Stay tunes.

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