Paddleboats – Reason #1 Why I Love America

A Paddleboat in Washington DC at Jefferson Memorial

At some point a genius thought, wouldn’t it be cool if you merged a bicycle with a steamboat? Well, it was. And the result is a sweat-powered little boat with a confusing steering system. Turn it right, it goes left. Turn it left, it goes right – or maybe it’s the other way around.

They always have a drain hole that fills with water and unless you are Hercules it’s almost impossible to get the water out. Oh, and the little canvas sun blockers are about as stable as two tooth picks holding up a jelly donut.

But, I still love Paddle Boats. It’s the lake version of a leisurely two person bike ride (which I don’t love because inevitably the person in the back doesn’t pedal). At least on a paddle boat you can see your partner’s paddling effort. I especially love paddle boats because you can pretend to paddle quite hard while actually not paddling very hard at all – even though you partner is watching intently.

If you ever find yourself in a bad mood while riding around on a paddleboat, you might need to consider counseling.

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