Biking in MHC

Hit the trails, or the open road, in Martinsville—Henry County. Cycling has become a favorite pastime for many, and numerous trails, varying in difficulty and magnificent views, are awaiting you in MHC.  Take a ride on one of our many trails along the Smith River Trail System or visit our award-winning mountain biking complex.  There… Continue reading Biking in MHC

Pediatric Health Talk (Extra): Speech for Success

Reading to your child is so important. A lack of literary exposure in the early years of life can lead children to be less phonologically aware. Phonological awareness is the ability to hear certain sounds and manipulate them. Children manipulate sounds by blending words, segmenting words, rhyming, and counting syllables. Studies have shown a child’s… Continue reading Pediatric Health Talk (Extra): Speech for Success

Fall treks in MHC

Any time is a great time to venture through Martinsville-Henry County, VA, but the fall adds a little something extra. Breathe in the fresh air and unwind while you take in the scenery and the fun. From our award-wining trails to our high-octane events, make this season your season to explore MHC. Take a hike.… Continue reading Fall treks in MHC

What is energetic anatomy and how does it affect your wellbeing?

How many times have you said or heard the phrase, “I just don’t have the energy today”? I’m pretty sure we’ve all been there. For the most part, we have a general understanding of what it feels like to be energized or to be drained. Unfortunately, because we all live busy lives a lot of… Continue reading What is energetic anatomy and how does it affect your wellbeing?