Part-Time Vegan

Plant-based diet. It’s a phrase I never recall hearing growing up, but now seems to be everywhere. I’m assuming it was poll tested by some word gurus at one point and seemed to resonate with people better than the word “vegan” or “vegetarian”. Whatever the case may be, the stigma around being vegan, or at… Continue reading Part-Time Vegan


One of my favorite bands, Green Day, has a famous song that says, “Wake me up when September Ends.” Over the years, it has become sort of a metaphor for wishing a difficult time period would come to a close. I’m sure many of us have been saying, “Wake me up when 2020 ends.” Well,… Continue reading Awakenings

Welcome Back, Sports

As I write this, my favorite NBA team since childhood, the Los Angeles Lakers, have just won their record-tying 17th world championship. It was the culmination of what we will know as literally, and figuratively, the longest NBA season in history. It lasted over a calendar year, and dealt with COVID-19, racial unrest in our… Continue reading Welcome Back, Sports


“Hey honey. October is a women’s issue, so you should write my column, you know, about being a woman.” Being female doesn’t mean I represent all women, Lee! But my cynicism does have me thinking, I may not represent all women, but I am a representation of all the women who have molded, influenced, and… Continue reading Inheritance

COVID Adventures

“I’ve been away, but now I’m back.” That line from The Shining is one of many that I quote from time to time in my daily life and seemed to be appropriate for my return to a monthly column. Like everyone, I’ve been dealing with the new abnormal and life during COVID-19, which has involved… Continue reading COVID Adventures