African-American Movie Theater Owner in South Hill, Virginia Refuses Service to Teenagers Sporting Confederate Flag

South Hill, Virginia – In South Hill, South Hill Cinema owner Lloyd Meredith refused service to four high school students between sixteen and seventeen-years-old because the their vehicle displayed the confederate flag. On Sunday, July 19, 2015, the four teenagers drove into the parking lot in the rural Virginia town flying the confederate flag. The African-American owner of the theater turned the teens away.

According to the Mecklenburg Sun, Meredith, who is a retired Air Force Master Sergeant stated he asked them to leave because “as a black man, I’m offended.” The teenagers offered to remove the flag from the vehicle and Meredith still refused service and threatened to call the police if the kids did not leave.

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Note: The Confederate Flag is a hot-button issue in Danville, Virginia, as it is throughout the United States, with a spirited ongoing debate about whether it should continue to fly at the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History. We’ve posted this story simply to show that emotions run high in our area on this topic.