Danville Public School Superintendent “Resigns”

Dr. Edward Newsome has seemingly been forced out as Superintendent of the Danville Public Schools

Danville Public School Superintendent Dr. Edward Newsome, Jr. resigned today after a closed School Board meeting and received a $160,000 buyout of the remaining 2 year-$150,000 a year contract.

Reaction from the community is mixed on Facebook.

“It’s a sad day for DPS,” Tonya Fullerwinder-Mayo

“Speechless!! What is wrong with Danville?” Derek Allen Linder

“I hear circus music…I have said on numerous occassions he was a bad hire,” former Danville City Council member Adam J. Tomer

“This was clearly a forced resignation,” Bruce Hedrick of SouthsideCentral.com

“A lot of somebody’s wanted him out real bad,” Jerry Echols



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