39 Things That Change After Having a Baby


You learn what unconditional love really means. – Patricia Hooker-Moss

You have to schedule spontaneity. –Michelle Trainor

You finally know what it means to never take any moment for granted.
– Tracy Jacobs

You learn that a pet isn’t the same as a child. –Frannie Wrenn

Children are the greatest teachers. –Brian Henderson

You learn to love the clothes you own because that’s all you’ll have for a while. – Rosalee Maxwell

You learn what sacrifice and selflessness means when your child wants the last potato chip in the bag.
–Bo Gravely

Going to the bathroom is no longer private. –Deborah Phelps

First child teaches you hope. Second child teaches you love. Third child teaches you joy. Forth child teaches you faith. –Virginia Victoria Rideout

All those BFFs you thought you had in the past were just placeholders for your real best friend for life: your child. –Michelle Dalton

As complicated as being a parent is, you learn a level of focus and clarity that simplifies your life. –Kristy Wolf

New Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat your child. –Amy Wood

A trip to the grocery store is a vacation. –Jessica Badgett

You stop praying for things for yourself and pray for things for your child. –Linda Almashy

You learn that it is possible to be a child again. –Doris Hayden

You become a superhero to at least one person. –Crystal Pickeral Garzon

You finally have proof God exists. –Tannisha Hairston

Whereas you couldn’t hear an alarm clock before, now you have super-hearing that wakes you when little hands are splashing in a toilet bowl. –Lorie Rivero

Phrases never uttered before having a baby: “Stop licking the carpet” and “Get that chicken nugget out of your shoe.” –Kelly Haley

You never get tired of hearing the word “Mama”…except perhaps on the 5001st of the day. –Felicia Hardy

Ultracompetitive men finally have someone they don’t mind losing to. –Justin Bell

You’ll finally do a sixth grade science project. –Melanie Carter

“A visit to the bathroom alone is like a trip to Narnia…. It isn’t going to happen.” –Amy Barber

“They bring joy and peace to your life that you never knew existed or thought possible.”
–Sunny Holley

“Our living room morphed into a vast playground for all of the kids toys…full of creative tales of natural disasters, journeys and adventures fresh out of their imaginations.” –Dave Leopold

“The minute your child is born changes you from a happy go lucky man into a fully responsible adult. It is the best experience of your life bar none.” –Larry Oldham

“Children cause you to humble yourself.” –Mike Tickle

“I nap when the baby naps.” –Bob Campbell

“You understand why sleep deprivation is a form of torture.” –Melissa Charles

“Partying takes on a whole different meaning when there’s cake involved.”
–Sandra Greene

“The annoying pictures of babies inside objects immediately become cute and adorable.” –Jessica Sands

“You start to take care of yourself better because you have something to live for.” –Melanie Scruggs

“You leave behind the people who aren’t supportive and realize you should have done so a long time ago.” –Kevin Smith

“Who knew poop could be such fun?” –Dawn Wheaton

“You learn the real meaning of sacrifice and realize that a sacrifice isn’t a sacrifice when it comes to your child.” –Cindy Carter

“Every show I watch now has a big fat capital G in a box at the beginning.”
–Allison Spreewell

“Everything my mom told me when I was a kid is a lot more true.” –Meredith Austin

“The sun seems to come up earlier.” –Jason Davis

“I have a whole different level of love and respect for my wife.” –Scott Stanley


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