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From Fitness Professional Dave Gluhareff of Train With Dave:

The Problems I have with Diets!

Fad diet plans can create an adverse effect on a person wishing to get in shape. Many times the person gains the original weight back, plus more, and never really gets healthier or stronger. In order to see through the “miracle” façade of these diets I’m going to be blunt.

What you are about to read are a few serious opinion points I have and feel the need to share with everyone.

One of my clients made the most profound statement in regards to what was really going on when he would try quick diet fixes and fail.  He said, “Dave, many of us are ready and able…but not willing.”

Whatever Works

With regards to diet talk, “whatever works” is an enabling mentality. Let’s not confuse choosing the lesser of two evils — point system diets versus a diet of junk food or pre-packaged food systems versus fast food with whatever works. That mentality can lead to serious problems. Popular diet systems do not really aid immune system function, bone strength, and an overall healthy body functioning. This lesser evil teaches as long as it’s within the points system it’s OK. This mentality does not help the human body function properly.

Butt-Kicking Workouts

To get healthy, one most have a goal — becoming stronger to pick up and hold grandchildren, not to get winded while gardening, to lose the “obese” tag. Some even want to become elite athletes. Establishing a definition of why you’re changing your habits is the key to success. The mentality that you have to get your butt kicked in a workout to achieve a healthy change is simply not true. Very few people train as intense as I do, but someone else’s training program is not about me. It’s about them. I help them reach their goals and needs with programs based on their answer to the question, “Why am I getting fit?”

The Points System Said So

In 19 years of personal training, I’ve never had one person call me and say, “I eat too much oatmeal, chicken, salmon, fresh fruit, brown rice, and whole grain breads and veggies and I am obese.” Understanding the importance of healthy eating leads to a healthy lifestyle.

Opting for points systems doesn’t really take into account the effects unhealthy food has on the human body — insomnia, headaches, aches, pains, weakness, brittle bones, etc. Eating right helps us to perform better at life. There is no amount of points needed to tell you that.

 Too Self Conscious to Work Out, But…

I, sometimes, get calls from people telling me they do not want to go to the gym or bootcamp and work out because they are too self-conscious. That is the most ridiculous excuse I’ve ever heard. It’s ridiculous because they are not too self-conscious to gorge themselves at a buffet. They are not embarrassed by poor medical check-ups or being turned away from rides at amusement parks. But actually taking the positive steps to change their lives for the better makes them want to hide. Huh?

If you’re serious about making positive changes, embrace the fact that you want to better yourself. Tell the world that you’re standing up to obesity. And you’re going to win.

Train With Dave

From Fitness Professional Suzanne Stowe of Train With Suzanne:

We are Never too Busy to Get Healthy!

I try to get my kids to clean up after one activity before starting something new.  Life is not that tidy. The last bag is in the car for the trip back to college, the tuxedo is ordered for the high school prom, and I hear the squeak of the big yellow bus stopping at my driveway…Life is a continuum.  It overlaps and does not wait for one phase to end before bringing something new.  And you should not wait either.

Your health will not wait until kids are out of college, high school, or even diapers.  Just like you have to juggle important events and focus on more than one thing at a time, you should include your health as a focus throughout the process.  As a single working mom of six, I know it is possible to maintain an active, yet healthy lifestyle, if you get creative.  Here are some options for a fitting in a workout in your busy schedule:  Find a gym that has a daycare.  Fit in a workout before time to wake the kids.  Put the baby in the stroller and hit the trails. Run the track while your children are at practice.  Jog the college campus when you go for a visit.  Get inspired and carve out time to focus on your health whatever phase of life you are in.

Life is meant to be enjoyed in all its messiness.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
John 10:10

Train With Suzanne

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