Public Policy

He Said

A couple of people asked me to run for Danville City Council. And someone asked me to run for the Danville School Board.I guess my question to you would be, “Why haven’t you ever suggested that I run for public office?”

Since we have been together, I have shared with you all of my good ideas about how our lives should go. I am constantly offering help and suggestions so that I can guide you and shape you into the person that I think you should be. Since we have been married, I have had even more time to offer suggestions to you. I always have opinions although you don’t always follow them.

I guess some women are just hard-headed or maybe just don’t see the wisdom in following the suggestions of someone like me. I mean we married for better or for worse, right? Why don’t you listen more and try to understand my reasoning better when I tell you how to handle your issues? I mean it’s like you don’t believe me or that in some ways my ideas just don’t register with you. I don’t know how you could think that I would misguide you. As I have always told you, if you do what I tell you, your life will flow like a smooth river. If you try and do it your way, it doesn’t turn out positively.

I’m just saying that I am mostly right. Don’t you think that these public offices could use some of the wisdom that I impart to you?

 She Said

There are a multitude of answers to all of the questions that you have asked me. First of all, I like Danville, I like teaching here, attending church here, shopping here, I am pro Danville. Having you in any public office in Danville would be like ringing the death knell on our living here. You are too opinionated, not only for me, but for everyone around you. I know you mean well and I’m sure in “Larry’s World” all is good. I honestly think that you believe everything that comes out of your mouth. To put you into a public forum and have you espouse some of your reasoning, would be like me thinking I could do a better job of managing foreign affairs.

I mean you are a nice guy and all, but those people on council and the school board would probably not be open to hearing the saga of “How Larry saves the world,” much less “How Larry plans to save Danville.”

No, I think you do enough damage in my world by constantly telling me how to run the house, where to plant the daffodils, how far to walk the dog, and how to keep the kitchen clean. For me, I can let it go in one ear and out the other. Haven’t you noticed how I just let you talk and talk without commenting? In your world, you think if I’m quiet, you win. You have no clue as to what I’m really thinking!

In the real world of politics, you will have people just like you who will tell you that you are wrong and why. There are others who would probably have you banished from office.

I love you, but I think your job should be to stay here at home with me and continue to “run” our house and let those real politicians take care of running Danville and the school system. Besides, I work in the school system and I value my job too much to encourage you to share your nuggets of wisdom publicly.

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