Junior Leadership Southside V Graduates 26 Students

On Saturday, April 26th, the fifth Junior Leadership Southside class graduated in a ceremony held at Danville Community College’s Regional Center for Advanced Technology and Training.   Junior Leadership Southside is a seven month program that provides leadership orientation and development to local high school students.  The program includes monthly sessions ranging from three to six hours in length and held on school holidays, after school, and on Saturdays.  The Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce wishes to congratulate the following Junior Leadership Southside V graduates:

  • Sarah Adcock, Galileo Magnet High School
  • Janie Adkins, Chatham High School
  • John Campbell, George Washington High School
  • Conner Carlson, George Washington High School
  • Christine Carman, Galileo Magnet High School
  • Lanie Davis, George Washington High School
  • Sarah Doss, Carlisle School
  • Madi Eades, Tunstall High School
  • Sydney Glass, Galileo Magnet High School
  • Claire Gray, Tunstall High School
  • Shakira Hairston, Galileo Magnet High School
  • Tyler Kernodle, Carlisle School
  • Hannah Long, George Washington High School
  • Elizabeth McBride, Chatham High School
  • Rebekah Moore, Tunstall High School
  • Jordan Moorefield, Tunstall High School
  • Bhavika Patel, Galileo Magnet High School
  • McKenzie Payne, Tunstall High School
  • Brooke Phelps, Westover Christian School
  • Autumn Price, Tunstall High School
  • Ethan Purnell, Tunstall High School
  • Samantha Shelton, Tunstall High School
  • Annika Tice, Chatham Hall
  • Morgan Tucker, George Washington High School
  • Caroline Turner, George Washington High School
  • Jaclyn Williams, Tunstall High School

“Our Junior Leadership Southside class has been very successful and we are so proud of our new graduates.” remarked Laurie Moran, CCE, President of the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce. The program began with an orientation at the Chamber’s Blairs office in September 2013.  Monthly sessions included speakers and panelists who provided a holistic approach to leadership orientation and development.  During the sessions students were exposed to leadership development activities and opportunities in the Southside Region.  During the graduation ceremony, participants used their own creative voices to explain what the program has meant to them.

Pre- and Post- program participant assessments from the past four years show measured improvement in understanding of and interest in community affairs, knowledge of the roles of differing personalities in leadership and group dynamics, ability and willingness to take initiative and get change started in our community, and leadership concept comprehension.

This year, 1 student from the current Junior Leadership Southside class was awarded the Averett University Junior Leadership Southside Scholarship.  Congratulations to Sydney Glass, Galileo Magnet High School.


The Averett University Junior Leadership Southside Scholarship is a $5,000 renewable scholarship available to every high school student who completes the Danville Pittsylvania County Chamber of Commerce’s Junior Leadership Southside Program and attends Averett University. The scholarship can be utilized for up to four years for a total award of $20,000 and is awarded over and above any merit scholarships for which the student may be eligible.  “We want to recognize these students’ accomplishments and to make it possible for these emerging leaders to remain here in our region,” said Averett President Dr. Tiffany Franks. “These students represent some of our area’s best and brightest talents.  They are our future leaders.  We are pleased to be able to offer these students Averett scholarships and the opportunity to experience the benefits of an Averett education.”

Junior Leadership Southside is currently accepting applications for its sixth program year.   Participants will be selected based on applications and references submitted.  Applications are due on May 20th, 2014.  A tuition of $195 will be used to defray the expense of monthly sessions.  Financial assistance may be available upon request.

Sponsorship information, program information, and program application packets are available on the Chamber’s website (www.dpchamber.org) or by contacting the Chamber at 434.836.6990 or llawson@dpchamber.org.

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