Life is Good

He Said

January is always a good time to reflect on the reason why life is so good. I could list a hundred different ideas about what my life means to me and what makes our lives so wonderful. We both have jobs, great children, our God who blesses us every day, many lifelong friends, and of course our family. We just have so many pleasant events going on that we sometimes over look people around us who are sick and having problems. We pray for them and we wish them well, but do we take for granted our own good health and well-being? Am I getting too sentimental?

Life is not always about disagreements, what I think, what you think, or who is passing judgments either justified or unjustified. At our age, life is more about living a peaceful existence and helping our fellow man.

Our life is an open book and I will continue to share it because, if I didn’t, I would have to stop whining and start preaching my beliefs. I’m not sure the world is ready for that. I just want you to agree this coming year that we will try to reach out to others more and be more cognizant of our own health and well- being. We need to thank God more for what he has provided for us. Does this sound like I’m being too self-absorbed? I could start all over and write about how mistreated I am, how I never get my way, and all of the other important factors that make me the man than I am. But I think you will agree that we should think more positively this next year and work harder to appreciate what we have.

Happy New Year to the most beautiful girl in the world.

She Said

I always thought January signified a new beginning. Out with the old and in with the new. I’m not about to reflect on all of our past mistakes and worry about trying to change what’s already happened. What I can do, however, is try to be the best person I can be.

I’ve always said that we are all put on this earth to help each other and I firmly believe that. I also agree that we should think positively and try and make a difference in the life of another person. We do that in small ways throughout the year, but I agree that we could do even more.

When you start talking about preaching, I think that it is my solemn duty to warn people that they don’t want that to happen. I would rather hear you whine because you are so good at it. But for you to preach and cram your opinions down everyone’s throat would not be a lovely sight. Don’t forget I am around you every day when you come home bellyaching about not getting your way, or the fact that no one sees your vision the way you see it. (Who could imagine a world of unwanted collectibles sitting for years in the basement or storage unit accumulating dust and losing value?)  Who wants to envision a world where the highlight of every day is meal time? Granted, food is important, but we should eat to live not live to eat, Sweetheart.

You would also preach against any kind of physical activity because in your mind, people who exercise are racing to the end of their life. That’s why you take it easy all of the time. And who would want to live in a world where one person thinks they are right about everything? I know that applies to you, but I hope all men aren’t like that. I will reach out to those less fortunate this year. But my first inclination in making a New Year’s wish is that you have the vision to help yourself improve before going out and infecting others with your lame opinions about exercise and your lack of self-control when it comes to eating. That, my love, is my vision.

Happy New Year.