Top 10 Common Physical Changes During Pregnancy

10 Common Physical Changes During Pregnancy

1.  You may experience more runny noses and congestion.

2.  You will feel the need to urinate more often.

3.  If you don’t adjust your calcium intake, your body may steal it from your teeth and bones.

4.  Your breasts will feel tender and may be larger.

5.  You will experience aches and pains as your body adjusts to carrying a child.

6.  As your pregnancy progresses, you may feel shortness of breath.

7.  You may feel constipated more often. Drink lots of water and consider a stool softener.

8.  You may feel more heartburn and gas.

9.  You may experience sudden leg cramps which can be caused by low iron or potassium.

10.  You will likely experience stretch marks and skin changes that often fade after delivery.

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