Stop Talking and Do It

Stop talking about losing weight and just do these!

There are the 3 keys to losing weight: Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest.  You have to be performing Exercise regularly, eating proper Nutrition, and getting plenty of Rest to really succeed in losing body fat.  There are no magic pills, potions, juices, or elixirs.  There are no ab or thigh machines sold on infomercials that will change your life and give you the body you want, without Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest.  Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest are easy to schedule, easy to do, budget friendly, results driven, and can be done with family, friends, and co-workers.


            Statistically we all have gotten lazier and heavier.  Yes we eat more junk now, but we also move less.  We have to, without a doubt, begin moving more with regular exercise.  It only takes a minimum of three hours each week to get into great shape and lose lots of body fat.  Three 30 minute resistance training workouts, three 30 minute cardiovascular workouts, and some stretching before, during, and after each workout and you will feel, look, and move better through life.  Exercise strengthens bones, muscles, cardiovascular system, and self-confidence.

Exercise Goal w/Sample Schedule:

*Monday, Wednesday, and Friday do a 30-minute Total Body Workout resistance training routine (At-Home or Gym) with a warm-up/ stretching, workout/stretching, cool-down/stretching.  Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday do 30 minutes of Cardiovascular Exercise such as walking, biking, rollerblading, hiking, jogging, elliptical machine, etc, with some stretching.


            Yes, statistically we all eat too much junk food and drinks.  We all know what is healthy to eat and what is not.  I get calls all the time from prospective clients claiming they do not know what eating healthy means and what foods are good and what are bad.  Upon reviewing their daily eating habits I usually find they regularly eat and snack on chips, cookies, candies, sodas, high fat dressings, syrups, sauces, gravies, butter, pastries, etc.  I believe 99% of the time most people, – if confronted with two tables: 1) with lean meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and water & 2) with doughnuts, candy, sodas, gravies, creamy sauces, and fried foods – most people will know the difference.  Most of us know what junk foods are and that they are bad for our daily functioning.  Most Diabetics know why most Diabetics are Diabetic!  Most Obese people know why they became Obese!  This talk of I do not know what foods are healthy is mostly an excuse for not wanting to clean up the junky foods we regularly eat.

Nutrition Goal:

*Eat 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) and 3 snacks (Mid-morning, Late-Afternoon, and Late Evening) each day approximately every 3 hours.  Each meal should consist of a Lean Protein, Carbohydrate, and Water.  Breakfast and Lunch Carbohydrates should be a complex carb such as whole grain bread, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, yams, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, cream of wheat, etc. / Mid-Morning and Late-Afternoon Carbohydrates should consist of Fruit / Dinner and Late-Evening snack Carbohydrates should be vegetables (Greener the Better!)


            Sleep and chill-time is critical to getting enough Rest.  We cannot function properly without enough Rest.  If we sleep too little we get grumpy, lower immune systems, cranky, irritable, stressed, achy, sore, headaches, etc.  When we get enough sleep at night we feel better.  When we get some chill-time for ourselves, we feel more refreshed.  Time for ourselves to spend on a hobby we enjoy is great to have.  Just taking some time to take your family to the zoo or a movie can renew energy.  A great way to fight stress is to begin your day with a good night’s sleep before it.  If you are well rested and getting time for yourself you will be a more productive and happier person!

Rest Goal:

*Get 8 hours of sleep each night, a nap in the afternoon, and an hour of chill-time each day!


You cannot fail if you do the above 3 – Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest!  This is the best, safest, and most efficient way to lose body fat and keep it off.  Stop hesitating and just do this now to see the results!  Feel, Look, and Move Better through your life!