The Empire State Building – Reason #17 Why I Love America

Empire State Building at Night in New York City

The Empire State Building is the symbol of real America at its best. It was built in 14 months from start to finish during the Great Depression. (By contrast, it’s more than a decade since 9-11 and there is still nothing open at Ground Zero. The Empire State Building is the symbol of New York City which itself is a symbol of the United States at its best.

Just this week I traveled to New York and went to the top of the Empire State Building. It costs $19 and takes about two and a half hours of which at least two hours of it is waiting in line. Unless of course you are one of like a few who pays $26 more for an Express Pass in which case you can get to the top of the Empire State Building in like 10 minutes and back down in like 7 minutes. So, in essence, you can buy back at a minimum 1:47 of your precious time in New York for $26. That is by far the best value available in New York including even China Town. $26 for nearly 2 hours of life? GREAT VALUE.

And here’s the best part…very few people do it! One of the best things about America is that most people are too cheap to spring for the Express Pass which leaves it for the rest of us who can actually figure out the dollar value of time. If you decide to go up to the top of The Empire State Building, buy the Express Pass. You avoid every single line (at least 5 different lines). You will thank me.

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