Hospice or Home Health – Which is Right for You?


Hospice provides care to the patient and family and focuses on comfort and quality of life. It manages the physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs of the patient and family.

Hospice is for patients with life limiting illnesses who are not seeking curative treatment. Services require a physician order and certification of life limiting illness. Hospice cares for people where they live, whether at home or a nursing facility. But, the patient does not have to be home bound.

Hospice is all-inclusive (comprehensive, including all services) and treats the person, not the disease. Hospice provides 24/7 access to RNs and physicians for pain and symptom crisis management. It allows for increased visits by an interdisciplinary team based on need & without limit. Hospice provides a customized plan of care per patient/family & reassesses it as needed.

• Skilled Nursing Visits
• Hospice Aide Visits
• Medical Social Worker Visits
• Spiritual Counseling/Chaplain Visits
• Volunteer Support
• Physician in-home Visits, as needed
• Bereavement Support
• Hospice Diagnosis Related Medications, Supplies, Equipment, and Lab work
• Therapy Visits (Physical/Occupational/Speech) for rehabilitation
• In-patient Care based on eligibility
• Respite Care – 5 days as needed
• Caregiver Education

Home Health

Home Health provides care to the patient and works with the family to focus on rehabilitation, disease management, and recovery. It manages issues dealing with the patient’s physical condition, home, safety and social needs.

Home Health is for patients who have a short term or long term need for skilled nursing or therapy and are seeking to return to their normal lives. It requires a physician order and skilled need. Home Health requires patients to be homebound and is provided in the home or assisted living facility.

Home Health services are determined by diagnosis, medical necessity, and patient needs. The number of visits decreases as the patient moves toward recovery. It provides an individualized plan of care with established goals. Home Health has a 24/7 on-call nurse for treatment per orders or referral to ER if necessary.

Determined by diagnosis & medical need
• Skilled Nursing Visits
• Home Health Aide Visits
• Medical Social Worker Visits
• Therapy Visits (Physical/Occupational/Speech)
for rehabilitation
• Patient/Caregiver Education
• Wound care including Wound Vac therapy
• IV Administration
• Disease and medication management
• Supplies – treatment related
• Coordinates equipment, supplies, and additional
services as needed

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