No More Diets

Too many times we want to try a drastic diet because we have let our weight get out of control. Why do we do this? Shouldn’t we just clean up our eating habits and exercise? It is like trying to get a tutor to help your kid with his/her grades when they don’t attend the class!

If we are eating high-calorie junk foods and chugging gallons of sugary soda, shouldn’t we just cut that out first? I hear it time and time again; someone calls me for help, as their personal trainer, and wants to know what type of diet I will put them on. I do not do diets. My clients do not do diets. We learn how to make healthy food choices throughout the day and how to troubleshoot cookouts, travel, snacks, special events, etc.

We all get the same high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high sugar, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis, acid reflux, aches, pains, fatigue, and stresses whenever we DO NOT take care of our bodies and gain a lot of body fat. The same health problems stem from being overweight with all the groups I speak to; whether they are a business women’s group, a senior citizen’s church group, a men’s group, or a high school group.

When we neglect our Exercise, Nutrition, and Rest schedules, our bodies also get out of whack and all systems get out of control. We need to take care of our bodies by exercising regularly, making the proper nutritional choices, and getting plenty of rest and recovery time.

Now is the time to stop making excuses and do something positive about your health! Anyone who really has the desire to get healthy, can and will be healthy. Remember, not Age, Race, Religious Beliefs, Occupation, nor Gender will stop you if you really want to reach your healthy goals! “Our Weight Don’t Discriminate!”

No More Diets, they do not work. We all need just good old fashioned Exercise, Healthy Eating/Nutrition, and Plenty of Rest!