Garbage Disposals – Reason #2 Why I Love America

Sexy hands preparing food on a cutting board

Nothing in a kitchen is more convenient than the Garbage Disposal. Drop anything you don’t want in your house in it and it disposes of it like magic. Old rotten potatoes…gone. Mama’s special recipe Hamburger Helper…gone.

It’s like having your own personal Criss Angel living in your house and making your trash disappear. Anyway, I can easily spend an hour just filling the sink with out of date food from the pantry and seeing how much stuff I can dispose of without clogging the sink. Try it, it’s a blast. Until it gets clogged. That’s definitely not something I enjoy cleaning. Even with the power off, who wants to put their hand into something so dangerous and funky.

On the other hand, I think the idea of a spinning set of ginsu knives spinning hundreds of times per second only inches from your fingers is invigorating. It’s like dodging ninja throwing stars without the real risk of being filleted by an angry ninja.

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